They say thirteen is an unlucky number.

But this thirteen dollar dress was my luckiest find all year. 
Read on to learn how to get an amazing Op-Shop find, every time.

The Secret to Op-Shopping like a Boss

I haven't always been good at finding a diamond among the rough. My friend Georgia loves to tell the story about the time I went op-shopping alone and came back with only three items for $150:
1) a two-sizes too small, broken-zipper blazer
2) a blouse with a mustard stain
3) a"one-size-fits-all" Cruella de Vil coat which not only wasn't one-size-fits-all, but also, as it turns out, really, really UGLY.

The pressure of the lights, the stress of making a decision and the disapproving salesperson - clearly it was all just too much for me to handle.

After that I was under strict instructions from Georgia not to go shopping alone EVER AGAIN. 

But how did some people have the knack for it? Some people can walk into an op-shop, walk over to a clothing rack and just pick out a fabulous piece. How do they do that? So I did my research. I asked my totally nutty but still stylish aunt and my hipster Wellington friends who constantly live in op-shop clothing, and I found out the much coveted secret that all the most stylish among us have been hiding for decades. 

The Rule of Three

Here's the way it works: under The Rule of Three, you can purchase an op-shop find if and only if:

1) You can wear it with at least three different outfits.

2) You can wear it on at least three different occasions.

3) You, your friend and the salesperson all like it.

This method is completely foolproof. Now when ever I'm considering a purchase, I enlist the rule of three, and so far, it hasn't failed me at all (and I'm a pretty frequent op-shopper!).

So there you have it. Now you're ready to be an expert op-shopper. 

Leave me a comment below with your favourite op-shopping tips!

With love,

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