Gary Vee Mode

A photo from my test shoot for one of my posts coming at you during Gary Vee Mode this week!

A photo from my test shoot for one of my posts coming at you during Gary Vee Mode this week!

If you don’t know who Gary Vaynerchuk is, he’s an entrepreneur and advocator of the arguably toxic “hustle” ideal, which suggests we should all be working 18 hour days. While the hustle hustle hustle, work work work mentality is not great for people who are already overworked and I can see the damage it can cause, I don’t think his message is aimed at that audience. I think his message “Patience & Hard Work” is aimed at so many of us (myself included – they tend to describe us as lazy millennials) who actually have a huge capacity for more work and patience if we are hungry enough to actually put in the effort.

I’m passionate about Gary Vee’s content, and I could watch it all day. His work ethic is insane, but he’s achieved results from it – and he’s loved every step of the way. He LOVES putting in the effort.

If you’ve watched my Impossible Masterclass (which you can get free access to on my homepage), I talk about the difference between hard work and effort. It’s a concept I originally came up with thinking about relationships (I can’t stand when people say relationships are hard, or hard work. They shouldn’t be hard). Calling something hard work means you give all your power away to the thing in question. You make it so that the thing you’re trying to achieve has some mystical level of difficulty when in actual fact, it totally doesn’t. You have to take back the power, by recognising that it is in fact the level of effort you are willing to exert that will determine your success, and not how hard something is.

Think about it. It’s not hard to get in good physical shape, for example. Everyone knows how to do it. You eat better, you exercise more. It couldn’t be less difficult. You put different food into your mouth, you move your body more. So why do so many people (including myself) struggle to get in great physical shape? Because they’re not putting in the mental and physical effort it takes. (I’ve had people argue that what I mean is that it is simple but not easy, but that’s not what I’m saying. Im saying it IS easy, as long as we choose to view it that way.)

A couple of days ago I shared my fear that I’m not truly putting in the effort required to achieve my dreams. That’s a bitter pill to swallow. Unless you spit it out. So here I go, spitting it out, refusing to let it be true.

Today, after watching one of Gary’s videos, I realised I’ve been doing it all wrong: trying to cut corners to make everything easier, when in fact, I need to make myself better.

I’m committing to what I’m calling “Gary Vee Mode”, and for 4 days I’m going to live how he would live if he were in my shoes.

Here’s my commitment. Every day, for the next 4 days, I will:

  1. Post on my blog (as usual)

  2. Post on Instagram

  3. Post on Facebook

  4. Post on Instagram stories (10x minimum)

  5. Film and post a YouTube video

  6. Post on Tik Tok (a platform I’m new to, as of today – find me at @saraharnoldhall)

And I’m going to give it my absolute ALL.

Today, I have completed everything on this list, so that’s day 1 DONE.

I’ve chosen 4 days instead of 7 as the last 3 days of my week this week include extensive global travel from New Zealand to England.

Initiating Gary Vee Mode.