I don't want to achieve my dreams yet


I don’t want to wake up tomorrow and find out all my dreams and impossible goals have come are true. What? Am I crazy?

Take marriage. Imagine waking up tomorrow, married to the ideal person, with your ideal children all grown up, with the perfectly designed house and garden and country club.

You’d miss out on all the excitement!

Instad, you want to meet the person, anticipate your first date, experience the magic falling in love, creating a vision of your life together, choosing the table decorations for the wedding, finding out you’re having a baby, seeing your baby on the ultrasound for the first time… and so on.

How awful would it be to wake up, married to the ideal partner with the ideal kids and never experienced any of it?

Sounds like my idea of a nightmare.

I don’t want to have my Impossible Goals given to me. I want to work for them. I don’t want to have the success I dream of today. I don’t want my dream life right now. Anticipation and working for it make the success so much sweeter. It’s the dance along the way.

Remember this the next time you’re feeling impatient. Patience is sweeter deal than you think.