It always seems impossible, until it’s DONE. - Unknown.

Today I want to share my IMPOSSIBLE goals with you. I spend a lot of time talking about impossible goals, but I realised I’ve never actually shared exactly what my impossible goals are. Here goes!

My definition of an impossible goal: a desire that you have deemed unfeasible for yourself or for the world.
Impossible goals don’t have to be things that haven’t been done yet. They are goals that seem like they are a world away for you. The reason these are impossible goals and not regular goals is because they make up part of a bigger vision for your life. A regular goal doesn’t inspire you, scare you and light you up the way an impossible goal does. Impossible goals are electrifying.

My goals may seem small to you. You may have already achieved some of my impossible goals. Or maybe, my goals seem big to you. You might think I can’t achieve them. The beauty of impossible goals is that they are goals you want to prove possible to YOURSELF.

These are also not bucket list goals, and they are not the only goals I will ever have. These are the current goals that I am committed to making possible for myself in the short-mid term future, even though they seem impossible right now. And once I’ve made these possible, I have no doubt I’ll be adding more impossible goals to go to the next level.

Current Impossible Goals:

  1. Hold a plank for 2 minutes

  2. Reach 100k subscribers on Youtube (in progress)

  3. Build a 6-figure business (in progress)

  4. Be able to do windmill in breakdancing: (see what that is here)

  5. Start my own video-cast

  6. Do a TED talk

  7. Run a retreat in Fiji

  8. Meditate every day for a year (in progress)

Completed Impossible Goals:

  1. Become my own boss (25/04/2018)

  2. Move to a new country (05/10/2018)

  3. Climb kilimanjaro (07/2011)

  4. Travel Europe full time for 6 months (05/10/2018)

  5. Visit Bora Bora (18/04/2017)

I look forward to keeping you updated on my progress!

What are your Impossible Goals? Share them with me in the comments!

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