Is your goal real or just pipe dream?

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Most people believe that success is about setting realistic, ordinary goals. But the truth is if you only ever set realistic, ordinary goals, you’re only ever going to get realistic, ordinary success. If you want extraordinary success - you need to set impossible goals.

But how do you know if your impossible goal is actually achievable?

Here’s the test:

  1. Do you know your WHY?
    The driving force, the reason behind why you want it? If you’re not clear on why you want to achieve this goal, you’re going to struggle to push on when the going gets tough.

  2. Is it relevant to your future identity?
    Is this goal relevant to how you see yourself in the future? If it’s not attached to your future identity, you’re unlikely to gather the motivation to do it.

  3. Is it something you’re passionate about?
    Would you do it regardless of money, status, recognition or power?

If you can answer YES to all three of these questions, your impossible goal is COMPLETELY achievable. It means you’ve got the right drive, desire and reason behind your goal. The truth is, the only thing stopping you from achieving ANYTHING in this life, is you. So if your answer is no to any one of these questions, dig a little bit deeper into your heart about the impossible goal to REALLY want to pursue.

So now what? You’ve got an impossible goal that’s passed the goal setting test, actually achieving it depends on three things:

Mindset, Strategy & Execution

You need to have a STELLAR mindset, a SOLID strategy and POWERFUL execution.

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