Complaint free challenge

The other day, someone responded to an Instagram story I’d posted about being too hot, forced to buy plastic bottled water, in an overpriced airport cafe after my favourite cafe was shut. She said “STOP COMPLAINING!”

My immediate reaction was, “I’m not complaining! I’m just…” Oh wait. I watched the Instagram story again. The last 3 videos were all of me complaining. I had no idea I complained so much! I thought I was such a positive person! (I do still think that - but there’s always room for improvement!)

There’s this challenge called “The Complaint Free Challenge”, where you try to go for 21 days without complaining. You have to wear a bracelet or watch (or even a rubber band) on your wrist, and each time you complain, you switch it over to the other wrist, and you go back to day 1. So even if you’ve gone for 15 days without complaining and then you make one complaint - you have to start from day 1! It takes the average person about 4-6 months to complete the challenge, apparently!

So today I’m beginning - let’s see how long it takes me! I’ve chosen this rubber bracelet so I can wear it in the shower. Are you keen to try this challenge? Let me know in the comments (just click the title of this post).