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As you guys know, I launched Impossible Incubator yesterday (and it’s already on FIRE, we’ve got 11 people signed up and already creating plans for their impossible goals!). My best friend Georgia is staying with me, and at 10am, she drove me to a secret location in Brighton and asked me to wait in the car. I had no idea what was going on (since she had never even been to Brighton before but seemed to know where to go, I was like, what is going on?!), I just got on Instagram Stories and documented the whole thing!

It turns out, as a celebration for my launch, she had ordered gourmet vegan cupcakes adorned with edible Impossible Incubator logos! I hit publish on the website and we celebrated (in a decorated room too!).

I’ve learned SO much in the last 5 months creating Impossible Incubator:

  1. Everything always takes at least twice as much time to do as you think it will to create

  2. Just because you don’t have a giant email list or a huge following or a Facebook group of 10,000 (or any other excuse you’re making), doesn’t mean you can’t do your dream NOW. There’s no such thing as too young to start.

  3. There are people out there who will hate your ideas. And that’s a good thing. A GOOD THING. It means there are also people out there who will LOVE your ideas (I sat at a table at a business meet up recently where the woman sitting next to me was trying to convince me to change the name of Impossible Incubator to something less “negative sounding”, while the woman across from me was trying to get my details so she could sign up as soon as doors opened).

  4. You will doubt yourself when you’re working towards your dreams. The number of times I thought, “what am i doing?!" is too many to count. Ignore that. Go with your instincts. Your intuition is strong.

  5. Breaking the rules is the best part (I totally did not have a traditional launch where I send 5000 emails, and I don’t have a years worth of content all planned out in advance). This is YOUR goal. Do it YOUR way.

  6. Don’t take advice from people who aren’t where you want to be. I had a lot of people give me their staunch opinions on what they thought Impossible Incubator should be like, even though they’d never created anything even remotely similar before. I respectfully and carefully considered their advice, and then did whatever I wanted to do.

If you’ve been hiding your dream from the world because it’s not “realistic”, it’s time for you to own it. To actually DO something about it. It’s up to YOU to make your wildest dreams happen. NOW is the time. Don’t wake up in a year and realise you’re still in the same place, with the same job, same life, same finances, no further towards your dreams.

I can’t stress it enough, you’ve got to do something RIGHT NOW to move towards your goals.


You don’t need anyone’s help to achieve your goals. You truly have the power within you. You don’t need to own anything I’m offering. But if you want to make them happen 10x faster and 10x more easily, then Impossible Incubator is a no brainer. It’s time for you to achieve your biggest goals! Become a member here!