Impossible is the possible that hasn't been done yet

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Tonight I was watching the most incredible documentary on Netflix called Heal. I had many takeaways, but the biggest one was that we often palm off spiritual healing as unscientific. In fact, we palm off anything we don’t understand as unscientific. But just because something is inexplicable now doesn’t mean it doesn’t have an explanation. For most of human history, we had no idea of the things we know today. We didn’t know the earth was round, how DNA works, or how to get to the moon. We know these things now.

And one day, I believe we will know what happens after death, how to cure cancer, and how to talk about politics on Facebook without being unfriended, and anything else that seems impossible at this moment.

Why is this relevant? Because it points to another way of saying the same thing:

Impossible Goals are is just the possible achievements that haven’t been done yet.

They haven’t been transferred in our minds from one side of the equation (impossible) to the other (certain). But eventually, they will.

The earth was round before we discovered it was round. The moon was landable before we landed on it. And not just a few years before, but the whole time – from the very beginning of time.

I’m kind of imagining it like we have the impossible on one side of a spectrum, possible in the middle, and certain on the other side. They aren’t separate, the only thing separating them is the way we look at them.

Your impossible goal is achievable before you actually do it. That’s what potential is.

It’s really just about moving the way you see it from one side of the spectrum to another. Ooh I think this is going to require another blog post for a more in-depth explanation.