My friend and mentor, Sarah Coxon once said to me,
“Hustling is an unimaginative way to do business.” 

That kinda blew my mind. 

It made me realise, hustling is an unimaginative way to do anything.

What happened to ease?

First we must find the peace, the happiness. Then the result of our mission doesn’t matter. And when something doesn’t matter, there’s no stress. No anxiety.

Hustle (verb): to push or force.

Pushing and forcing ourselves to reach our goals is exactly what we’re expected to do. It’s a military thing.

It’s the straight forward route. We’re told if we aren’t producing results, then we should work longer hours, or work harder, or struggle longer.

I believe in trusting your struggle. But I do not believe in imposing your struggle. 

So if we don’t hustle - how do we reach our goals?

Creativity. Thinking outside the box. 

You know that thing that’s been bothering you, that goal you’ve been hustling at with no avail?

Write a list of 10 alternative routes you could take to achieve that goal that don’t involve “hustling”. 

And as always, take action.
But this time, take action with ease.


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