Brené Brown once said “Cool is an emotional straightjacket.”

I spent the majority of my teenage years trying to be cool.
I spent way too much trying to MAKE myself enjoy snowboarding 🏂surfing 🏄‍♀️ drinking 🍷
But it’s just not me.

I’m not cool.

And I don’t care. I’m tearing up my cool card.

🌸I’d rather drink decaf tea than alcohol.
🌸I’d rather stay in on a Saturday night than go out.
🌸I’d rather tap dance than pole dance.
🌸I’d rather watch Tony Robbins than Love Island.
🌸I’d rather go to a café than a bar.
🌸I’d rather wear no makeup than get made up every morning.
🌸I’d rather start my own coaching business than get a high powered corporate job.

What’s cool for you may not be cool for other people.
And what’s cool for other people may not be cool for you.

Don't let someone else’s definition of cool define how YOU want to live YOUR life.


Stay at home. Drink tea. Start your business. Do what YOU want.

Stop trying to please everyone else.

Credit to the brilliant Joy Netanya for inspiring this post 🙌