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Your massive vision is too small.

Clients come to me and say, “I want to be the next Marie Forleo”.

And I say, “Boring. It’s already been done.”

Do you really want to be the next Marie Forleo? No.

Girl you can dream bigger than that!

Do you think Marie Forleo’s massive vision is to just be herself? Do you think she’s feel’s she’s already reached her peak? Unlikely.

I bet she has a spectacular, impossible, electrifying vision for her impact.

You need a spectacular, impossible, electrifying vision too.

Don’t call me if you have a small vision. I’m not interested in helping you become a mediocre version of yourself. I want to know what you really desire.

How to dream up a spectacular, impossible, electrifying vision:

1. On a bit of paper, write down your biggest vision.

2. Now ask yourself how am I playing small with this vision?

3. Now rewrite your vision, only bigger.

4. Then ask yourself, if I already reached that vision, what would be my big vision?

5. Write that.

6. Don’t stop until you

Once you’re breathless with excitement and butterflies of dread swirling in your stomach at the thought of how impossibly big your dream is – then let’s talk.

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