If there is one place on earth that is truly paradise, it's Bora Bora.

And on the hottest, most beautiful day of my trip, I wasted more than 90 minutes inside a crowded gift shop, choosing expensive souvenirs. Which tacky set of overpriced matching shot glasses would best capture the essence of my trip? I didn't even like shot glasses, but I had to choose something, right? Nope. Take only memories, leave only footprints. And save money while you're at it!

Follow my 3 ways to save money while travelling - so you don't have to make the same mistakes I did!

Budget Travel Tips

1) Minimise Pre-Holiday Purchases
Even though I'm a self-proclaimed minimalist, when I first started planning one of my island trips, I got drawn back into the materialism trap. Of course I'll need to buy a new camera, a waterproof attachment and come to think of it, won't I also need a 4K drone? Plus five new dresses, new flip flops, a different bikini for everyday of the trip... right? Luckily, someone brought to my attention that none of that was going to enhance my trip. I was really going to Tahiti to experience the culture, environment and activities. So I borrowed a video camera, made a DIY Go-Pro floatation device and found some brand new bikini, tags and all, from a thrift store. No one had worn them and they would have otherwise been thrown away. The only new thing I purchased was a snorkel. So coral of the story (yes, pun intended): with a bit of creative thinking, I managed to get everything I needed without buying (almost) anything brand new. Savings! Cha-ching! $$$

2) Go easy on the bottled water
Some travel destinations don't have natural water springs, or the water is unclean, so incredible quantities of bottled water are flown in from other countries. If you're staying at your destination for a week like I did, and buy several water bottles per day, that could add up to more than 20 or 30 bottles over the trip, which is an excessive waste of money, not to mention plastic. Instead, you can bring reusable water bottles like I did, and boil the water each night to prepare for the next day. Alternatively, I know some people like using chlorine tabs to clean the tap water before drinking.

3) Take home memories, not souvenirs
I wasted more than an hour in a gift shop on one of the most stunning days of my island trip. Which would be the best souvenir to represent my trip, an oversized foam hibiscus hair clip or an assorted range of island-print table mats? It stressed me out more than I'd like to admit, so I flagged the whole thing. I had wonderful pictures, videos and memories. I'd supported the local economy in plenty of other, non-consumerist ways like food and activities. I didn't need to buy a matching set of shot glasses imported from China and support a consumerist lifestyle. Remember why you've travelled all this way, and go enjoy the beach!

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