Zero Waste? Like, none? 

That's right, Zero. Nada. Nil. Zilch.
Well, mostly.

Absolute zero is the goal, and almost-zero is the reality for most people who live a zero waste lifestyle. It's reeeally tricky to stop making any waste all together - there are some things that are just unavoidable (mostly health/medication related). 
However, that doesn't mean we can't try.

Don't let the perfect be the enemy of the good. 


So here's exactly what I do to make my weekly shop (almost perfectly) zero waste.

ONE. I buy all of my fruit and vegetables totally unpacked from the local Sunday market. I used to buy them at the overpriced supermarket near me, and now I can't imagine spending as much as I once did! It has cut my food costs in half (if there was ever a selfish reason to go zero waste, this is it!).

TWO. I bring a reusable bag, and refuse plastic at all costs. That means no pre-packaged tomatoes (which are always sitting right next to the loose tomatoes anyway), no plastic tags or stickers and definitely no plastic bags.

THREE. For the things that traditionally come in packaging, I try to find alternatives for everything. I buy freshly made loaves of bread and have them sliced up behind the counter (and put into a reusable bag), I buy pasta, beans, spices and flour from the pull-down self-serve dispensers. And I don't shop at a fancy store, they actually have these dispensers at any old supermarket, I just hadn't ever been looking. Wait, doesn't it cost more to buy it all like that? Nope! So much of the cost of our food is in the packaging, so buying it without is often less expensive. 

I was inspired to go zero waste by the Goddess of zero waste, Bea Johnson, who pretty much invented the concept of modern day zero waste.

Another one of my favourite zero waste bloggers is Lauren Singer.
She made me realise how easy it is to fit two years of trash into a mason jar!

What do you do to reduce your waste? Have any questions? Leave me a comment below!

With love,