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Hey babes! Bora Bora was UNBELIEVEABLE! If there is any place that you want to come to unwind and relax, this is it! Everything is more beautiful in Tahiti. The water is clearer, the fish are more vibrant, the sunsets are mesmerizing. Ever since I learned of French Polynesia, I've had my sights set on Bora Bora. The other Polynesian Islands looked amazing in travel brochures too, but nothing could deter me from Bora Bora. And I'll tell you what, it was worth it.
Day 1: Jet Skiing, Snorkeling, and Romantic Dinner.
Day 2: Kayaking, hiring a buggy to drive the entire way around the Island, and traditional dancing show. Day 3: Snorkeling, ATV excursion and Star-Gazing Tour.
Day 4: Traditional Massages, and Fire Dancing Show (and I got to join in!). We stayed for a whole week, and there was never a moment of boredom. There is so much to do, and yet it's always chilled out. We were running late to a Jet Ski excursion one day so after running onto the location sweating and panting, the local tour guide said, "Woah - relax, this is Bora Bora baby!" It sure contrasts living in a hectic city at home! There was also plenty of time to lay on the beach, read books, swim, eat, explore local culture and relax. If Bora Bora is not on your current travel wish-list, you better jot it down and bump it straight to the top!  


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