“Beauty is Pain”

Wait, what? 

People all over the world stand by this motto, but I don't believe in it. Maybe it’s because of my low pain tolerance. Or maybe it's because I just don't want to cause harm to myself or others. Suffering isn’t beautiful, it’s ugly. 


Instead, I believe that true beauty is pleasure, not pain. You shouldn’t have to wax your body from head to toe, or wear heels that nearly break your ankles, or use products that cause harm to animals. And skincare is no exception. With skincare, the clue is in the world – it should take care of your skin, not harm it.

Volo Skincare’s Anti-Blemish Spray is my go-to natural elixir for imperfections.

It’s completely vegan, cruelty-free, and it’s not tested on animals. With Manuka oil (extracted from the manuka tree, not from bee honey), it’s a fabulous alternative to my nasty chemically processed products. Tea tree is the active ingredient that provides natural acne relief. The spray mechanism provides the benefit of being able to reach anywhere your skin may have blemishes, unlike a cream or a wash. The mixture has a refreshing scent that feels clean and hydrating.

The word “volo” translates from Latin as ‘I want...’.

The beautiful packaging reflects this encouraging motto. Printed inside the box are hundred of different desires to inspire magnificent action.
I want to... Build an empire. Believe in myself. Offer gratitude. 

So what do I want from my skincare? I want to feel beauty without pain. I want to know that my beauty isn't harming others.

This anti-blemish spray fulfils that desire. It benefits the environment, the animals, and my health. Volo that!


You can get Volo Skincare Anti-blemish spray here.

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With love,


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