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a 2-week course for kick-ass entrepreneurs



a 2-week course for kick-ass entrepreneurs

grow your Instagram following
to boost your business!

Do you dream of having THOUSANDS of dedicated, engaged followers on Instagram?

Do you struggle to get more than a few likes and comments on each photo? 

Do you know that your business is INCREDIBLE, but you can't seem to get your Instagram to show it?

Are you passionate, driven and 100% ready to level up your business credibility?

Then you're the perfect candidate to enrol for
Instagram Bootcamp!

Instagram Bootcamp is a 3 day group coaching course for entrepreneurs like you, to level up your Instagram and give your business the recognition and credibility it deserves. 

Let's be real, babe. I see the most incredible coaches, content creators, bloggers and entrepreneurs with something like 172 followers on Instagram. Girl, that's not enough! 

Is it all about numbers? No. 
But it is all about credibility and recognition.

Would you buy an iPhone from a company no one has ever heard of? Nope!
You'd buy it from the world's most well-known, well-respected company!

People want to know that they're buying from someone reliable. Someone respected.

Having a large Instagram following flashes a message like a neon sign: 

This girl knows her sh*t.

Do you WISH that when your potential clients check out your Instagram they would think:

"WOW, this girl clearly knows what she's talking about - look at her following and engagement!
I absolutely HAVE to work with her!"

Well, they can! 

You can have THOUSANDS of followers to back up how totally exceptional your online business is.
You can have FULL ON engagement and hella-hot interest in your services.
You can RAKE in those high-ticket clients with confidence in your credibility.


Hey, I'm Sarah!
 an Instagram coach for entrepreneurs.


I help boss babes Crush it on instagram

(and rake in their ideal clients!)

I help boss babes Crush it on instagram

(and rake in their ideal clients!)

I used to be exactly where you are - confused and downright frustrated, struggling to reach more than a few hundred followers, agonising over how other people seemed to be skyrocketing on Instagram when I couldn't get more than a few likes. I was hearing contradicting advice everywhere I went (hello, the hashtag myth!), and I just couldn't get followers to stay. 

Until I cracked it.

I finally starting raking in thousands of followers, driving traffic to my travel blog, and building my business. 

  • I grew my following from ZERO to 15.1K.
  • I have an average of 1100 likes per photo.
  • An average of 51 comments per photo.

PLUS I signed my first 2 clients within ONE WEEK of starting my coaching business!

But I didn't happen upon a quick fix for Instagram - I put in the hours and the blood, sweat and tears into figuring the Instagram game out, learning from experts to build the tools and expertise I needed. Mastering Instagram is a skill, and like any other skill, if you want to ace it and skip the painful, money-draining, time-wasting mistakes I made, you need a teacher.

Want to master soccer? Get a coach.
Want master acting? Get a coach.
Want to master Instagram? That's right, get a coach.

With my group coaching course Instagram Bootcamp, I'll help you reach your full Instagram potential, and together we'll turn your lifeless, struggling account into a social platform that highlights your credibility to land you business!

Here's what you'll get in the course:


Day 1 - niche

Did you know that your business niche is different from your Instagram niche? Instagram has it's own language, it's own way of working. We'll translate your business niche into one that works for Instagram to get you a bangin' following! In day 1 you will:

- Come up with your perfect Instagram niche that represents your business!
- Create a hella hot bio that fits your niche and doubles your conversion of potential followers!
- Get loving support on your Instagram niche from the other boss babes in the bootcamp.
- Set goals for your Instagram that feel AMAZING, and develop a plan to hit them!

Day 2 - content

Your content is one of the most important aspects to your Instagram success - I'm going to show you how to create content you LOVE, that resonates with your ideal followers and clients. In day 2 you will:

- Work out a stunning aesthetic that represents with your business, your brand and your soul!
- Come up with a plan to create, take and edit your most gorgeous photos yet - and implement it!
- Plan the perfect layout that will create a high-vibe space that potential followers and clients can't resist!
- Discover the EXACT formula to create captions that grab mega attention.
- Learn when and how often to post to MAXIMISE likes, follows and comments.

day 3 - following and engagement

This is the section that will transform your Instagram for years to come. I'll show you the complete set of techniques I used to reach my 15.1K followers, and my high level engagement. We will cover:

- How to connect with other accounts and get them to follow you
- How to run a competition to skyrocket your following in the matter of a few days!
- Why the way you're using hashtags is a complete waste of your time, and what to do instead.
- Why follow-unfollow is too slow, and why the formula I showed you is much better – and a much faster technique.
- The psychology of attraction and what makes people like you (yes, that's right, I have a degree in it!).

bonus - Income

In the final part of the bootcamp, you'll come up with a tailored plan to RAKE in clients. Every business is different, so you deserve my attention - I'll check in with you personally! Together we'll work out:

- Exactly how to leverage your Instagram to get you new clients, collaborations or sponsors.
- The right way for YOU to show off your new-found Instagram success to maximise $$$ return in your business (it's different for everyone!).
- How we can make Instagram become as second nature to you as brushing your teeth, so that it practically works automatically to back up your business.
- A road map forward so you can continue CRUSHING IT on Instagram after the course is over, and keeping hitting those goals we set in the beginning to bring back up your business, baby!

bootcamp begins Wednesday April 25 2018!

How it works:

You'll join an exclusive Facebook group for students of the bootcamp where you'll receive step-by-step training to BOOST your business credibility through Instagram. You'll get:

  • Video coaching
  • PDF Workbooks
  • Live Q&A's
  • 1:1 accountability check-ins
  • Group support
  • Tailored homework
  • 24/7 support

With my super hands-on coaching I'll guide you every step of the way to getting thousands of dedicated followers, intense engagement and an Instagram that says: "You'd be crazy not to buy her services!"

*WARNING: You may experience an explosive increase in followers, engagement and interested clientele, causing massive growth in your business. 

Are you ready?

48 hour OFFER: $59!

(Will then increase to $99!)

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What my clients are saying

What my clients are saying

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Cléa Geordie - Blogger

"I wanted to thank you so much Sarah -  since our last coaching, I've gained 70 new followers, I've published a viral article on my blog (4 558 views according to Google Analytics!) and I've been approached by several brands on Instagram. All thanks to you!"

Elle Hewer - Writer

"I was especially struggling with knowing what to post, and where to go to get followers who would actually engage with me and not just follow me so I would follow them back!  Your coaching was personal, useful, and born out of experience and research. Sarah, not only have you made it feel possible to succeed on Instagram, you've given me the tools to do it!" 

Since writing this, Elle has tripled her engagement, and obtained several important leads of interest in her new writing works.

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You've got two options for your instagram:

You can struggle. You can try to figure it all out on your own, spending years miserably trying to make Instagram work for you without any help. 


You can take advantage of the fact that I've already put in the hard yards, and worked with incredible teachers to figure it all out, so you can jump ahead of the queue, skip past the red tape and go behind the scenes to the elite lounge: to the real deal of Instagram success - and finally have the Instagram that will skyrocket your business success.

Which one will you choose?


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