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Hey! I'm Sarah, An instagram coach for entrepreneurs.

I help people like you overcome your entrepreneurial struggles and totally crush it on Instagram by providing one-on-one, tailored coaching to create your dedicated following, turn Instagram into an income and land your ideal clients. 

I used to be exactly where you are - confused and downright frustrated, struggling to reach more than a few hundred followers, agonizing over how other people seemed to be skyrocketing on Instagram when I couldn't get more than a few likes. I was hearing contradicting advice everywhere I went (hello, the hashtag myth!), and I just couldn't get followers to stay. 

Until I cracked it. I finally starting raking in thousands of followers, driving traffic to my blog, and working with brands to generate income. But I didn't happen upon a quick fix - I literally put thousands of hours into figuring the Instagram game out, learning from experts to build the tools and expertise I needed. Mastering Instagram is a skill, and like any other skill, if you want to ace it and skip the painful, money-draining, time-wasting mistakes I made, you need a teacher.

Want to master soccer? Get a coach.
Want master acting? Get a coach.
Want to master Instagram? That's right, get a coach.



I will push and train and transform you like a soccer coach pushes and trains and transforms her players: into superstars. I'll help you win at Instagram. Are you ready?

Work with me to reach your full Instagram potential, and together we'll turn your lifeless, struggling account into a mind-blowing business tool that yields real results, highlights your credibility and lands you business (without looking desperate!). 

With my super hands-on coaching I'll guide you every step of the way to getting thousands of dedicated followers, funneling incredible clients, and revolutionising the way you use Instagram for work (even if you don't have a business yet!) We'll work one-on-one to get Instagram to work for you, and finally get you serious results.

Sound like you?


What my clients are saying

What my clients are saying

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Cléa Geordie - Blogger

"I wanted to thank you so much Sarah -  since our last coaching, I've gained 70 new followers, I've published a viral article on my blog (4 558 views according to Google Analytics!) and I've been approached by several brands on Instagram. All thanks to you!"