I was so scared I would fall down the cliff - as you can see I'm clinging to the branches!

more peace.jpg

Daniel climbing to the top of the mast, scaring everyone who was watching!


This was right before I cut my toe...


You guys, today was crazy! We arrived in Zakynthos last night, an island on the west coast of Greece. It took six hours to reach it by bus and ferry from Athens, but it was completely worth it! We originally planned to go to Shipwreck Beach tomorrow, but we found out the weather would be better today so suddenly we decided to rent a car, drive across the island and get a boat out to the most beautiful beach I've ever seen. There's a giant shipwreck on the sand, which we climbed all over. Daniel climbed right to the top of the mast, which scared me a lot actually! He was absolutely fine, it was actually me who got hurt! All I did was step down off a platform and I cut my toe on a rusty piece of the ship. We got back on the boat and then drove home, completely forgetting about my toe. On the way we stopped off at the stunning lookout where you can see the whole beach and shipwreck below, but the road was so windy and we got lost and ended up mistakingly taking a back road detour that really only suited for four wheel drive and locals told us wasn't used since the nineties... but we miraculously managed in our Suziki Swift! Fingers crossed we don't get any car damage fines in the mail! Worth it for the view though, it was SO stunning. And terrifyingly high. But gotta do it for the Instagram, right? We cooked vegan souvlaki for dinner and then I suddenly remembered I should go to the doctors, because rust in a cut can cause tetanus. In the rush out the door I smashed two plates and we lost half of our dinner to the floor hahaha... bad luck today I guess! (Quite Greek of me to smash plates though, maybe it's a sign I'm Greek at heart?). I thought going to the doctors in a foreign country would be a nightmare, but it was actually super straight forward - I just got a tetanus shot and we made it out of there in time to get another souvlaki! We're going back to Athens tomorrow, and I guess we'll see what adventure it brings!
Until then... with love, adventure and antiseptic x