On our first day in Mykonos we found this abandoned bus on the side of the road, which was our playground for the afternoon! Is this not the coolest bus you've ever seen? I definitely wasn't expecting a broken bus to be one of the highlights of Mykonos, but they should put it on Trip Advisor! Afterwards we went to Paradise Beach Club, which was amazing - it's only my second ever beach club but I think I'm really getting a taste for beach parties - dancing and sun and food AND swimming? Sign me up haha! There was this one DJ that was AWFUL though - nothing like the singing into the microphone over the music the whole night to ruin paradise! At one point I just had to run to the ocean and go swimming in the dark to get away from it! (It wasn't deep or dangerous!). Just thinking about it makes me want earplugs. Oh wait, no, that's the guy in the bunk next to me snoring. I better get some zZZ too - peace out x