They don't call it Paradise Beach for nothing! Just imagine the music pumping Flo Rida in the club in the background (and of course that song is a banger, but this was the awful DJ I mentioned in my last post talking over the music the whole time so it was painful as!). Luckily it was redeemed by the fact we made some Italian friends on the beach to dance with, whose names I can't remember (did I even get them?). Dance is a universal language so it didn't even matter that they didn't speak any English and we don't speak any Italian even though we both took 6 months of Italian language classes in 2017, oops. Cah-poo-chee-noh! Una pasta, per favore! Su-pear-mer-carto! That's about the extent of it. We're off to Italy in 3 days so that should be put to good use. If you spot a lost looking couple with a cappuccino and a pastry in a supermarket, come say hi! We love making new friends, and we usually get their names, I promise. Now I'm off to sleep because its been a long day doing nothing on the beach, haha! x