Another stunning day in Croatia! We jumped on the bus and ferry to Krka National Park, and it was stunning! Waterfalls galore, we were so excited to go swimming in a huge waterfall lake, and just as we were about to step in, we heard a whistle telling everyone to get out because the water level was too high. We were gutted! The whole reason we came to the park was because we heard it was amazing to swim in! But we weren’t going to come all this way and take no for an answer! The heat was unbearable, so we hiked around behind the major waterfall and found a secret waterfall spot - we couldnt swim because it was too shallow but we definitely got drenched with freezing water, especially Daniel who went right through the curtain of water into a cave! Sometimes you’ve got to get creative and break the rules a little bit... it was worth it! Next stop, Zadar - I heard there’s definitely better swimming there! x