We made it to Singapore! After two delayed flights and no sleep for 24 hours, we finally arrived. Not sure that polypropylene thermals was the best outfit choice for arriving into a country on the equator, but somehow we managed to walk through the streets to our accomodation in the middle of the night, buckets of sweat and all. Mmmm, what a nice thought! The heat isn't the only thing we battled though - there are SNAKES! I've always taken my snakeless home country for granted, but that's gonna change for sure! We're staying with our wonderful host, Georgia, who we flatted with at University for the last three years before she moved to Singapore. Today Daniel and I explored the city, checked out the craziest shopping mall I've ever seen (there's a canal with boat rides all the way through it), and of course the museums. We also watched the famous light show (yes, Singapore puts on a giant lazer light show twice a night, every night - now that's extra!). Tonight we're going to a vegan restaurant, I'm super excited after the plane food! Kisses and sweaty hugs x