Last night we hit Singapore town! We ate at Well Dressed, a fantastic vegan restaurant where I had the best pulled jackfruit burger I've ever eaten. Definitely going back there one day! Then Georgia took us to have drinks in the very quaint China Town, and afterwards we taxied to Clarke Quay, which is essentially a Disneyland-sized air conditioned dome, packed full with nightclubs (um, living the dream?). We spent most of the night dancing in a Mexican-themed club where a live rock band alternated only between Shakira and Flo-Rida. Bizarre but totally catchy! Tomorrow Daniel and I are flying to Athens via Doha, so we are currently preparing ourselves for the 14 hours of flying by heading to a party at Tanjong Beach Club, obviously. No bad days in Singapore, right? I'll keep you updated on the status of my inevitable impending headache. Love and jet lag x