It's hard to believe I was even in Singapore, now that I'm sprawled out under a chair on the floor in Doha airport, waiting for our flight to Athens to board. (Our flight from Singapore to Doha was delayed so we missed our connecting flight and now we have to wait an extra 5 hours. At least it's a super cool airport!) Daniel (bf), Georgia (bff) and I ventured to the top of the Marina Bay Sands Hotel in Singapore for drinks with a serious view (the hotel is absolutely MASSIVE, and the height gives you a 360-degree look over the city). As someone who is a little bit afraid of heights, I have to say I was relieved that we couldn't go right to the edge! I'm super tired after the 12 hours of traveling we've already done today, so I'm off for a nap on the floor... I'll check back in when we get to Greece... zZZ. x