Armed with only 2 hours of sleep in a dodgy hostel in Athens during a 29 hour journey from Singapore to Greece, we somehow made it to Santorini with enough energy to explore the island as soon as we landed (never mind that I nearly fell asleep in my traditional vegetable gyro at lunch!). The views are absolutely breathtaking. I wasn't expecting the island to be so big, but it can take 3 hours to walk between the main town Fira, where we are staying, and the smaller but idillic town of Oia. Luckily, there's also a bus! We ate four more than the recommended daily intake of the most delicious vege wraps (I nearly exploded but I couldn't say no to Greek hospitality, right?), and swam in our hotel pool, before busing to Oia to watch the sunset. It was pretty crowded, but we managed to find a spot with a fantastic view. If you're ever in Santorini, don't miss the Oia sunset! Tomorrow we are going on a sailing boat to the volcanos and hot springs and most probably eat about a hundred more gyros (pronounced the same way you pronounce Euros - which makes for a confusing order!). Love to the beach and back x