My photoshop skills aren’t strong enough to pretend I’m the only person who decided to visit Venice today, so please just imagine it’s only me and there’s not thousands of other annoying tourists trying to get the exact same shot, grazie. 


Venice is the most magical city I’ve ever been to. This is my second time visiting this Italian gem, and I’m SO excited to be back here! You can almost taste the romance in air - everyone here is in love! I’m so grateful to explore this city with my boyfriend Daniel - he was definitely in love... with the pizza. I can’t blame him, we ate extraordinary pizza, authentic Italian deliciousness - in vegan form, hallelujah! This wonderful restaurant called “Bella & Brava” blew our minds. Eco-friendly packaging, FREE water (impossible to get tap water in Europe it seems, you always have to buy a plastic bottle for a million euros), several pre-designed vegan options (unheard of to have more than one) and hexagonal pizza boxes - revolutionary! If you’re in Venice, you absolutely have to go there. The Basilica = special cathedral (not to be confused with basilico = basil) was breathtaking. I had to wear a special modesty cover up for my knees, but the men didn’t have to... not sure why women’s knees are more offensive than men’s knees but hey, whatever floats your basilica (get it, because Venice is built on water...). Anyway I’m off to stuff my face with as much pasta as I can. I’ll let you know if I exceed my personal best x 


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