Tomorrow is my sister Helena’s 17th birthday, and we celebrated together with our mum by going out for dinner this evening since I’m leaving NZ tomorrow. 17 is a wonderful age. So close to adulthood, yet still in childhood. Feels very Peter Pan to me! We ate delicious vegan food and played a balance game that had us in fits of laughter.

Birthdays have always been so special to me, because not only do you get to celebrate someone’s existence, but it has the magic of a Fresh Start. You know, that feeling that THIS IS IT, this is the time when you will become the person you want to be, or finally learn violin, or stop biting your nails, or start exercising. Am I the only one who feels this spark of magic? I can’t be, because I think the magic of the Fresh Start is what makes so many people set New Years Resolutions, or want to start their diet on a Monday, or when they move apartments or jobs or schools. Birthdays are one of those too. Of course, it’s actually arbitrary and sometimes the Fresh Start is used as an excuse not to begin right now, but when you’ve got the opportunity of a Fresh Start, why not use it?

If you’ve got a birthday or another Fresh Start opportunity coming up, what change will you make?

P.S. Happy birthday, my beautiful sister! Thank you for always being there for me and making me laugh <3 The world is a better place because you are here! xx