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What if you actually did it?
Running in the dark because I’m honouring my commitments no matter what time it is!

Running in the dark because I’m honouring my commitments no matter what time it is!

What would your life look like if you actually followed through on the plans you made?
Where could you be right now?
What if you actually did what you said you were gonna do?
What if you actually honoured your commitments to yourself?
What if you actually did the things you said you would?

What kind of life could you be living?

I heard a version of these questions today and its haunted me all day.
It pushed me to go for a run at 9:30pm even though it was dark. It pushed me to write this blog post. It pushed me to actually view my progress list (like a to-do list but things that ACTUALLY move you forward) as a doorway to my future that is truly non-negotiable.

I think of where I could be right now had I not made so many excuses. I’m so done making excuses.
Tomorrow I’m challenging myself to complete everything I commit to:

Here’s my day tomorrow.


Morning routine (gratitude journal, run, breakfast, mediate, mindset, shower, teeth)

Water plants at allotment (bring container for berries)

10am meeting

Creating vision boards with Georgia

Prep for client “L” (keeping her identity private)

Coach client L

Meeting with marketing expert 5:30pm

Post on stories

Post on instagram

Post on blog

Do a livestream answering Q&As

Do something fun with Georgia in the evening

Of these, the tasks that will actually progress my life are: vision board, meeting with marketing expert, and doing the livestream. That means they are paramount.

I’ll report back tomorrow - do this challenge with me!

You are bamboo

Bamboo gestates for 3 years under the ground, never seeing the light, and then finally pokes it’s head out and can grow up to 4 feet a day, growing into it’s full form in just 60 days.

You are bamboo.

Whatever you’re working on - your business, your health, your fitness, your impossible goals , if nothing seems to be happening, it’s because you are doing the gestation part right now. The incubating part.

As long as you keep watering the seeds, they will sprout.

Play the long game.

After a whole year of working full time in my coaching business, I feel like i’ve just finished planting the seeds. I’ve finally stopped working ON my business (editing my website, my logo, creating my products, planning everything), and started working IN my business. A YEAR! (Tip: don’t spend a year planting your seeds like I did - get onto the watering part ASAP).

So now it’s time for me to water them, every single day, until one day BAM! I am confident that massive success will sprout - and seemingly out of nowhere for those who haven’t seen the effort that’s gone in.

That’s why people look like overnight successes. Because they’re bamboo.


If you don’t WATER your seeds daily, they will not GROW.
A.K.A. You’ve started on the brilliant idea/goal/dream, but then you give up on them because they aren’t giving you immediate results. Note to self (and to you): YOU DO NOT GIVE UP. You water those seeds every single day, until you see them shoot into giant shoots of bamboo.

Joining a gym is planting the seeds. Actually going to the gym daily is watering them.

If your goals don’t seem to be happening, add more water. Everyday.

"Sarah, how are you so motivated?"

“Sarah, how are you so motivated?”

People ask me all the time, how am I so motivated? To exercise, meditate, blog, show up, run my business etc. etc!

I’ve been sharing my goals really publicly recently. And it is SCARY. I’d rather just write them down in my journal and not tell anyone about them until they’re a done deal. But unfortunately, I don’t have the motivation for that.

Which is why I discovered that declaring my actions publicly is THE key to staying motivated.

Blogging? I’ve been intending to blog for 3 whole years and haven’t been doing it at all. I’m dead serious, I bought this domain in 2016.
But a week ago, I publicly declared that I will show up online (including blogging) every single day for TWO WHOLE YEARS. I’m 7 days in and totally afraid (and that’s the whole point) but I’m even more inspired. A challenge like this gets me so. damn. excited! This is the first time EVER that I’ve stuck with it properly.
I’m writing this at 12.25am, when I should be in bed. But I won’t go to sleep without publishing a blog post.

The same goes for mediation. The first time I meditated I was 12, which means I’ve been meditating on and off for 11 years. But this year I decided I really wanted to make it a habit, so I decided - and publicly declared - I would meditate every single day for a year.

Why isn’t it enough to just make the decision privately?

When I was 16 I wanted to a DJ. Not just any DJ, I wanted to be the world’s first ultra successful female DJ. Like, as successful as Avicii or Calvin Harris (Instead of putting up posters of celebrities, I had DJ logos on my bedroom walls). I thought about it constantly. I dreamed about DJing at tomorrowland. But I never told anyone. So I never took any action. I never even learned to spin decks.

We are to comfortable leting ourselves down.
But no one wants to look foolish or stupid in front of other people.

Tell your friends. Tell your family. Tell your online followers. Tell your teachers, your mentors, your boss.
Sing it from the ROOFTOPS!

HERE’S AN IMPORTANT BIT: don’t just declare the end result, the goal, declare the daily ACTION you will take.

e.g. “I will win an Oscar” isn’t enough to declare. Because you’ve got YEARS to pull that off. You might think people have forgotten, and give up. You need to say “I will act out a scene from Shakespeare every single day.” Because suddenly you can’t hide behind time and the hope of tomorrow.

Believe me, if you do this, motivation won’t be a problem anymore. You won’t want to have to tell people you gave up on my dreams because you got tired or bored or lazy. You’ll be so worried about embarrassing yourself, you will do whatever it takes to stick to your declaration.

Declare your actions publicly and you’ll have your motivation sorted.