I've had it!


Financial guru Dave Ramsey says that people don’t make a real change until they say this one phrase: “I’ve had it!”

Sometimes it just takes that feeling that comes with being fed up, being exhausted, having had enough, before you are truly motivated to change.

That’s what the last month was for me. I had several “I’ve had it” moments across different areas of my life and decided things were going to have to change.

Even though I’d tried to change them before (finances, aspects of my business etc), I hadn’t really committed at the level I did once I had my “I’ve had it” moment.

If you haven’t had an ‘I’ve had it!’ moment, you’ve probably experienced something similar to it.

Translations for the “I’ve had it!'“ moment:

  • Enough is enough!

  • That’s it!

  • I’m done!

  • Screw this!

  • It’s over!

Although the period of change SUCKS (I really feel that at the moment as I’m doing 80 hour weeks in my business and freelancing to sort my life out), it’s a relief to be making the change. I know in the future, I’ll be on the other side of it, so grateful I pushed myself, congratulating myself like Snoop Dogg.