Before and after

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Let’s talk COMPARISON. I don’t endorse spending your time comparing yourself to others and their success, but when you’re aiming for impossible goals, it can be easy to think about the end result (and the people who have that end result) and compare yourself to them. I’ve got a video coming on this soon, which I’m pumped to share, but today I want to share a different perspective on comparison.

Today I had a light bulb moment – instead of fighting comparison, use it to your advantage.

Instead of simply “stop comparing yourself to other people”, I want to flip that to “stop comparing yourself to other people’s today.” Start comparing yourself to other people’s beginnings.

My biggest inspirations before and after. Brendon’s is about 20 years difference, Janni’s is about 7 years difference.

Where could I be in 7 or 20 years? Where might you be?

If you are really going to compare yourself and you’re at the before stage, then compare yourself to someone else’s before stage. It might show you where you could be after! Turns jealousy into motivation real fast.