Envy is inspiration in disguise


Nice girls don’t get jealous.

We’ve banished envy to the naughty corner, making it out to be this awful emotion that we should feel guilty for even FEELING, let alone ADMITTING.

What absolute BS. I’m outing myself, I get jealous! Absolutely, outrageously emerald with envy! And I’m unapologetic about it.

Today, I was scrolling through Instagram and it just hit me like a WAVE. Ka-DOOSH! I got a major hit of envy over someone I really admire, who’s absolutely crushing it in business, seemingly without any effort. She posted a photo about her fabulous life and I turned into a green monster faster than you can say “50,000 likes”. But you know what? I’m not feeling an ounce of guilt for feeling that way. Instead of pretending I wasn’t jealous, I just admitted it! I don’t want to pretend that I’m not jealous.

BUT instead of letting that jealousy turn into vengeance, we can allow jealousy to guide us.

Jealousy is a desire compass. It’s inspiration in disguise.

WHY am I jealous of her?

  1. She has built her business to a brilliant level of success in a really short amount of time

  2. She has loads of followers who care about what she’s doing

  3. People ADORE and rave about her products and services

  4. She makes loads of money (I’m definitely going to talk about money in another post, I have so much to say on this topic!)

  5. She’s so honest with the world

  6. She’s constantly traveling to exotic places

What does that say about my desires?

  1. I desire a level of success like she has

  2. I’d love to have a follower base who really care about the work I do

  3. I want to put out brilliant products and services

  4. I’d love to make loads of money (again, soooo taboo for women to say, going to discuss this in the future!)

  5. I would like to be more honest with the world

  6. I’d love to do more travel

Why am I grateful to her?

  1. Because she has shown me what is possible for me

  2. Because she has made mistakes I can learn from

  3. Because she has paved a path that I can follow

All of a sudden I feel fantastically inspired and excited and motivated! If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t even KNOW I wanted all of those things. She helped guide my desires. I want to THANK her for showing me a future I can have! I want to rise up to the challenge of building that for myself, not tear her down to make me feel better about my own situation.

Let your envy drive your heart to unexpected places.

Ever wonder what your purpose is, where to go next, or where to begin? Let envy take hold of the wheel and it will drive you to the foot of someone else’s castle to show you what to build. Your only job now is to lay your first brick.

Mantra: My Envy Is My Inspiration.

Also on the list of things I got jealous of today: This bathroom I saw at a friend’s house.
Flipping the jealousy into inspiration: I now know the exact bathroom I want in my future dream house.