Daily action

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If there’s one thing that has absolutely changed the game for me in my life and business, it’s taking daily action. Not weekly action, not every second day action, not 6-days of the week action, DAILY action.

Showing up every single day.
Here’s a list of the things I actively commit to doing every single day:

  1. Gratitude journal

  2. Meditation

  3. Brushing my teeth in the morning & evening (YES, I actually have this on my habit tracker, because I used to miss days when I was rushed, and now I never miss a day)

  4. Exercising before showering

  5. Taking vitamins

  6. Mindset journaling

  7. Posting on Instagram/Facebook

  8. Posting on Instagram Stories

  9. Blogging (I’ve committed to every single day for 2 years!)

I have every one of these daily actions scheduled into my habit tracker.
And I do them every single day.

And it feels SO good to know that no matter what, I’m always taking action.

Today I was absolutely chock-a-block busy (organising Impossible Incubator!), but I made it a priority to get all of those done!

If you want to see RESULTS in your life or business, commit to DAILY ACTION. It will move the needle forward faster than anything else.