Technical difficulties. Gah. Who knew launching could be so intense? (Everyone, except me apparently!)
I’ve been staying up until 3am most nights trying to edit my final video for Impossible Incubator. I was super stressed about getting it out on the deadline (August 1), because that’s what all the business gurus say you need to do (plan a massive launch, send out loads of emails yada yada…) but it just wasn’t going to happen.

But then at 12:30am last night I decided to just let it go. Stop forcing it. It will launch when it launches. I want to offer you all THE BEST membership platform I possibly can. August 1 is an arbitrary date. I want to launch the way that I’m most excited and inspired to (and that is NOT writing a million emails and having it drop at exactly August 1 midnight on the dot.)

So today I worked during the day (which is new to me - I so often work late into the night!), and then I went out (for the first time almost a year, I went to a nightclub with my friend Shelley - I’d forgotten how fun they can be!). It felt really good to relax and forget about work for a while.

Now I’m at home, working on my launch again. There’s a reason I work all the time. Because I LOVE my business. It doesn’t feel like work. So I’m 3 days behind schedule and i’m totally unapologetic, because I’m having fun and I feel stress-free.

Maybe Impossible Incubator will come out tomorrow. Maybe it won’t. But either way it doesn’t matter.

Where have you been forcing something that you just need to let go?