Why I don't have a bucket list

In theory, a Bucket List sounds like a great idea. Before you die, you complete a list of all the things you’ve ever dreamed of experiencing.

Except it has one major flaw: time.

I don’t set goals of things I want to do before I die, because I don’t know when I’m going to die. I could spend my whole life thinking I’ve still got years and years to achieve my bucket list, but find out my time is up tomorrow. Paris? Pop it on the Bucket List and deal with it later. Convenient, right? No no no! I feel like a Bucket List is procrastination in disguise; a way to postpone our dreams, to put them off until later so we don’t have to actually face them now. It’s why people spend their lives in jobs they hate, talking about things they’ll do "someday”. But someday never comes. There might not even be a TOMORROW.

That’s why I only set goals and dreams that I’m actively pursuing. That doesn’t mean I can’t dream big, or far into the future. In fact, I’m the biggest dreamer I know! But I’m also the biggest ACTION TAKER. As in today. As in right now. I am dedicated to working towards my biggest, wildest dreams every single day. Even if they might not happen for 30 years.

I’d even be willing to say that there hasn’t been a day in the last 6 months where I haven’t been actively working towards SOMETHING I’m dreaming of:

Getting in the best shape of my life.

Building my business.

Doing a TED talk.

Growing my Youtube Channel.


Running a retreat.

We’ve got one shot at this life, so I’m pursuing it all right now.