Before: Day 1

Day: 1
Push up ability: 0

If you’ve been following me for a while you might know that I’ve set myself an Impossible Goal to do 100 push ups (You can check out all of my other Impossible Goals here)

Currently I’m at zero push ups (yes, I can’t even do one push up, I can only do them on my knees!)

I’ve always had bad upper body strength, and I feel like it’s really time to do something about it. But if you know me, you know I don’t care to do things in moderation. I love a CHALLENGE. That’s what gets me excited! And if I’m not excited about a goal, there’s really no reason for me to pursue it. So that’s why I’ve set the bar crazy high, at 100 push ups.

I really have no clue how long it will take me to reach that goal. But, after having it on my Impossible Goals List for a while, it’s time to start! I’m starting today. On a random Tuesday in August. Because although I love a fresh start for goals (New Year, Birthdays, First of the Month, Mondays etc.), I know they are all just excuses not to start right now. (Although, don’t get me wrong, I still feel those dates have a special magic to them).

I’m following a free program, it’s called One Hundred Push Ups. According to their chart, I’m currently a rank 1. But not for long!

Here’s the plan for today:

Since I can’t do any push ups at all, I’m modifying this program by beginning with my knees on the floor.
Right - I’m off to attempt them now - wish me luck!

Is anyone else attempting something like this? I’d love to hear!