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Budapest VIP Day

I feel like my mindset has had a facelift.

How is it even possible to do this much up-leveling in one day?
Today I attended Mindset Coach Susi Kaeufer’s Budapest VIP Day, and the only way I can explain it is like when you know something, but then you hear it another way, and you REALLY get it. That a-ha feeling, that click.

I got that with so many things today. Susi trained us from a workbook and then coached us all individually, which was ah-may-zing!

I’ve just been journaling for 2 hours frantically trying to download all the insights I received from my brain onto paper, and here are my main takeaways:

  1. I can actually run my business now exactly the same way I want to run it when it’s as big as I envision it to be - just do it on a smaller scale. For example, in my ideal version of my business, I’ll have a fantastic team of people supporting me and get massages every week. So:
    Hire my first team member now. Even just for one hour a week.
    Get a 15 minute massage every month or two.

  2. As soon as I embody the person who meditates/blogs/exercises daily, I don’t need to schedule them on my to-do list everyday. Breakfast isn’t on my to-do list. It’s just a task I do everyday because it’s part of who I am. So why is “mindset work” still on there, when I’ve naturally been do mindset journaling and personal development work everyday for years? (I deleted it from my habit tracker). My to-do’s can graduate to “of course I do’s” (of course I do work on my mindset everyday!).

  3. My daily blogs don’t always have to be written ON the day. If I need a day off, I can write one ahead of time. (So obvious, but for some reason I was locked into “I have to write it ON the day”).

  4. My youtube channel: Taking the pressure OFF making perfect content and reaching my goal of 100k (still a goal, just removed the pressure that was paralysing me from creating any content at all). Doing it for FUN.
    Journaling prompt: Now that I’m creating content totally for fun with no expectations, what do I want to create?
    This has really made me think. I’ll keep you posted.

I could write this blog to be 10,000 words long (I’m pretty sure that I’ve written half a journal full of thoughts already, and I’m not done for today), but I’ll leave you with my biggest takeaway from the day. If you are struggling with ANYTHING, ask yourself:

“Now that I am already the person who X, what would I do?”
(X = is successful/got the A+ grade/got the job etc).

Essentially, imagine you are already the person you’ll become once you’ve achieved the thing you want. What would that version of yourself do in this situation?

Celebrate your wins
Even my face mask had “to do list” written on it, haha! A sign?!

Even my face mask had “to do list” written on it, haha! A sign?!

Today I took a few hours today to celebrate my wins in the last week with friends - face masks, delicious food and even an hour of Virtual Reality (that was insanely cool!).

In the last week I:

  1. Launched my membership site, Impossible Incubator, something I’ve been working on for 5 months!

  2. Ran my first ever mastermind call, and it was FANTASTIC. So many insights of my own about my own goals and dreams (namely: dream EVEN bigger!).

  3. Booked a trip to Budapest for this coming weekend to go to a Personal & Business Development event with one of my favourite coaches in the world.

  4. Had my best friend Georgia to stay, all the way from Singapore.

  5. Connected with a fellow coach to work alongside in the future.

  6. Had 3 amazing client calls that were all transformative and on FIRE.

  7. Have been showing up every single day online, just liked I’d planned.

  8. Have set some even bigger goals and commitments for August & September around my Impossible Goals (Particularly for my Youtube channel & my 100 Push Ups). I’ll share all about them soon!

  9. Up-leveled my mindset again. I feel like I’m really getting grips with how important it is to SHOW UP EVERY SINGLE DAY for my goals.

I think it’s really important to acknowledge our successes, no matter how small they are. It can be so easy to shrug off our triumphs day to day as nothing, but when you look back over a week (or a year!), you realise how far you’ve truly come. I don’t want to rush onto the next goal without celebrating each step of the way. Otherwise, what’s the point?

If you haven’t taken a moment to look back recently, take a moment to write a list of your successes and thank yourself making the sacrifices it took to get here. You might be surprised at how far you’ve actually come such a short time!

D9CD90BE-1E75-4311-8FAD-DA56701F5DD3 2.jpg

As you guys know, I launched Impossible Incubator yesterday (and it’s already on FIRE, we’ve got 11 people signed up and already creating plans for their impossible goals!). My best friend Georgia is staying with me, and at 10am, she drove me to a secret location in Brighton and asked me to wait in the car. I had no idea what was going on (since she had never even been to Brighton before but seemed to know where to go, I was like, what is going on?!), I just got on Instagram Stories and documented the whole thing!

It turns out, as a celebration for my launch, she had ordered gourmet vegan cupcakes adorned with edible Impossible Incubator logos! I hit publish on the website and we celebrated (in a decorated room too!).

I’ve learned SO much in the last 5 months creating Impossible Incubator:

  1. Everything always takes at least twice as much time to do as you think it will to create

  2. Just because you don’t have a giant email list or a huge following or a Facebook group of 10,000 (or any other excuse you’re making), doesn’t mean you can’t do your dream NOW. There’s no such thing as too young to start.

  3. There are people out there who will hate your ideas. And that’s a good thing. A GOOD THING. It means there are also people out there who will LOVE your ideas (I sat at a table at a business meet up recently where the woman sitting next to me was trying to convince me to change the name of Impossible Incubator to something less “negative sounding”, while the woman across from me was trying to get my details so she could sign up as soon as doors opened).

  4. You will doubt yourself when you’re working towards your dreams. The number of times I thought, “what am i doing?!" is too many to count. Ignore that. Go with your instincts. Your intuition is strong.

  5. Breaking the rules is the best part (I totally did not have a traditional launch where I send 5000 emails, and I don’t have a years worth of content all planned out in advance). This is YOUR goal. Do it YOUR way.

  6. Don’t take advice from people who aren’t where you want to be. I had a lot of people give me their staunch opinions on what they thought Impossible Incubator should be like, even though they’d never created anything even remotely similar before. I respectfully and carefully considered their advice, and then did whatever I wanted to do.

If you’ve been hiding your dream from the world because it’s not “realistic”, it’s time for you to own it. To actually DO something about it. It’s up to YOU to make your wildest dreams happen. NOW is the time. Don’t wake up in a year and realise you’re still in the same place, with the same job, same life, same finances, no further towards your dreams.

I can’t stress it enough, you’ve got to do something RIGHT NOW to move towards your goals.


You don’t need anyone’s help to achieve your goals. You truly have the power within you. You don’t need to own anything I’m offering. But if you want to make them happen 10x faster and 10x more easily, then Impossible Incubator is a no brainer. It’s time for you to achieve your biggest goals! Become a member here!

How I stopped caring what people think

I used to be so concerned with what people would think about my goals and dreams. So I felt like I couldn’t share anything, especially on Instagram or Facebook.

What if people judge me?
What if I get another creepy message?
What if people say something bad about me?

Guess what? They do all those things - REGARDLESS of what you do, whether you show up or not.
People on the street will judge you.

One day it just HIT ME. Am I willing to sacrifice my dreams because I’m afraid of what other people I don’t even know might think? HELL NO.

Not caring what other people think is a muscle. I have to practice it. The more and more I show up, the less I care what people say. But I’m not perfect yet! I still care what people think to a degree, but each day, everytime I show up, every hater or creepy comment I get, I get better and better at dealing with it.

There’s no magical cure - you’re not going to wake up one day and suddenly not care what anyone thinks. You have to realise it’s YOU holding you back.

People DO judge me.

I get messages and comments DAILY of people expressing that “I shouldn’t be running that much” or “Does everything you say have to be all ‘inspirational?’ Why can’t it just be a normal post?”

Screen Shot 2019-07-29 at 6.06.04 PM.png

In essence, the only way to stop caring about what people think is to get out there and go after what you want. When people judge (and they will) you will begin to grow a thicker skin.

Don't lean into stress

I’ve been reflecting a lot on choosing my emotions or at least choosing my reaction to my emotions.
The last few days have felt a bit stressful, with a bunch of technical difficulties with Impossible Incubator (laptop and hard drive and icloud AND all my other storage devices ran out of space all at once, while I was editing 60gb of footage), lots of distractions (friends, friends, and more friends coming to stay) and general life busy-ness (prior commitments).

I’ve felt stress rising throughout my body on several occasions over the past few days, but with a lot of reflection and self control I’ve realised this:

Just because you feel stress (or anger, or sadness or any other undesirable emotion) doesn’t mean you have to LEAN INTO it. You can observe the emotion, and choose “Do I want to go there? Do I want to turn this emotion into a full on meltdown?”

As an ENFP (a Campaigner in the Myers-Briggs Personality categories), my intuition and emotion is a huge part of how I perceive the world. But I also know I can control how I perceive the world. Whatever I believe is what I will perceive. So I choose to perceive the situation differently. Acknowledge the stress, but also not choose to go down the rabbit hole. Just see it for what it is, and choose to believe something else about the situation (i.e. actually, it’s not all that bad).

I choose how I perceive my reality.


Technical difficulties. Gah. Who knew launching could be so intense? (Everyone, except me apparently!)
I’ve been staying up until 3am most nights trying to edit my final video for Impossible Incubator. I was super stressed about getting it out on the deadline (August 1), because that’s what all the business gurus say you need to do (plan a massive launch, send out loads of emails yada yada…) but it just wasn’t going to happen.

But then at 12:30am last night I decided to just let it go. Stop forcing it. It will launch when it launches. I want to offer you all THE BEST membership platform I possibly can. August 1 is an arbitrary date. I want to launch the way that I’m most excited and inspired to (and that is NOT writing a million emails and having it drop at exactly August 1 midnight on the dot.)

So today I worked during the day (which is new to me - I so often work late into the night!), and then I went out (for the first time almost a year, I went to a nightclub with my friend Shelley - I’d forgotten how fun they can be!). It felt really good to relax and forget about work for a while.

Now I’m at home, working on my launch again. There’s a reason I work all the time. Because I LOVE my business. It doesn’t feel like work. So I’m 3 days behind schedule and i’m totally unapologetic, because I’m having fun and I feel stress-free.

Maybe Impossible Incubator will come out tomorrow. Maybe it won’t. But either way it doesn’t matter.

Where have you been forcing something that you just need to let go?

'Tired' is just a state of mind

Today I felt exhausted. I had the longest to do list and I just didn’t feel like doing any of it. Especially going for a run.

But I managed to complete WAY more than I thought I would because I changed my beliefs about my mental state. I DECIDED I am full of energy!

Tiredness is just a state of mind.

I’m not talking about physical exhaustion here (just to be clear: you absolutely need to take care of yourself and make sure you’re getting enough sleep and the right nutrition).

I’m talking about the mental exhaustion that we bring upon ourselves in our thoughts. The pretend tiredness. The tiredness we subconsciously CHOOSE to buy into, because we can’t be bothered dealing with the things we know we need to do to progress our lives forward. When you’ve come home after a long day of work and you’ve promised yourself you’ll work on that new business idea or podcast you wanted to start, but then you just end up sitting in front of the TV doing nothing. Your mind is tricking you. You aren’t tired. You’re choosing to feel tired.

I know that this is going to cause some pushback, like my last post!

But the thing is, you already know that you get to choose how you feel. You know that YOU control your thoughts, which control your feelings, which control your actions. You get to change your mental state by changing your beliefs about the situation.

How do you do it?

When I was a kid, people used to ask me how I always had so much energy. I remember being confused and saying, “ just make it!”

A lesson from my 8 year old self: Try it, right now. Decide to be energised. Close your eyes, and consciously imagine filling your whole body with energy, starting from your toes and bringing it all the way to the crown of your head. Feel it vibrating through your body. Throw your hands up in the air and jump up! Put on a song and dance around! Your mind has the power to give yourself renewed energy.

I choose to feel energised!

Envy is inspiration in disguise

Nice girls don’t get jealous.

We’ve banished envy to the naughty corner, making it out to be this awful emotion that we should feel guilty for even FEELING, let alone ADMITTING.

What absolute BS. I’m outing myself, I get jealous! Absolutely, outrageously emerald with envy! And I’m unapologetic about it.

Today, I was scrolling through Instagram and it just hit me like a WAVE. Ka-DOOSH! I got a major hit of envy over someone I really admire, who’s absolutely crushing it in business, seemingly without any effort. She posted a photo about her fabulous life and I turned into a green monster faster than you can say “50,000 likes”. But you know what? I’m not feeling an ounce of guilt for feeling that way. Instead of pretending I wasn’t jealous, I just admitted it! I don’t want to pretend that I’m not jealous.

BUT instead of letting that jealousy turn into vengeance, we can allow jealousy to guide us.

Jealousy is a desire compass. It’s inspiration in disguise.

WHY am I jealous of her?

  1. She has built her business to a brilliant level of success in a really short amount of time

  2. She has loads of followers who care about what she’s doing

  3. People ADORE and rave about her products and services

  4. She makes loads of money (I’m definitely going to talk about money in another post, I have so much to say on this topic!)

  5. She’s so honest with the world

  6. She’s constantly traveling to exotic places

What does that say about my desires?

  1. I desire a level of success like she has

  2. I’d love to have a follower base who really care about the work I do

  3. I want to put out brilliant products and services

  4. I’d love to make loads of money (again, soooo taboo for women to say, going to discuss this in the future!)

  5. I would like to be more honest with the world

  6. I’d love to do more travel

Why am I grateful to her?

  1. Because she has shown me what is possible for me

  2. Because she has made mistakes I can learn from

  3. Because she has paved a path that I can follow

All of a sudden I feel fantastically inspired and excited and motivated! If it weren’t for her, I wouldn’t even KNOW I wanted all of those things. She helped guide my desires. I want to THANK her for showing me a future I can have! I want to rise up to the challenge of building that for myself, not tear her down to make me feel better about my own situation.

Let your envy drive your heart to unexpected places.

Ever wonder what your purpose is, where to go next, or where to begin? Let envy take hold of the wheel and it will drive you to the foot of someone else’s castle to show you what to build. Your only job now is to lay your first brick.

Mantra: My Envy Is My Inspiration.

Also on the list of things I got jealous of today: This bathroom I saw at a friend’s house.
Flipping the jealousy into inspiration: I now know the exact bathroom I want in my future dream house.